Tweet of July 3, 2014 - - "Help, I'm looking for stories about citizens fighting fires at museums/libraries/archives. (For an make a point about commitment)


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@mpedson Or google "december 2011 Institute of Egypt fire" for incredible story, articles + images
Cairo Institute fire.jpg
The Guardian

Cairo institute burned during clashes

Egyptian academics and volunteers scramble to save thousands of rare manuscripts that chart history of the nation
Associated Press in Cairo

The Guardian, Monday 19 December 2011 18.37 EST
Volunteers in white lab coats, surgical gloves and masks stood on the back of a pickup truck along the banks of the Nile in Cairo, rummaging through stacks of rare 200-year-old manuscripts that were little more than charcoal debris.
The volunteers, ranging from academic experts to appalled citizens, have spent the past two days trying to salvage what's left of some 192,000 books, journals and writings, casualties of Egypt's latest bout of violence.
The Institute of Egypt, a research centre set up by Napoleon Bonaparte during France's invasion in the late 18th century, caught fire during clashes between protesters and Egypt's military over the weekend. It was home to a treasure trove of writings, most notably the handwritten 24-volume Description de l'Egypte, which began during the 1798-1801 French occupation. It includes 20 years of observations by more than 150 French scholars and scientists, was one of the most comprehensive descriptions of Egypt's monuments, its ancient civilisation and contemporary life at the time

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@mpedson Or the army of 'Mud Angels' who descended on the city afterwards to rescue cultural heritage. Anniversary still observed.

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@mpedson How about floods? Story and images from Museo Galileo in 1966 Firenze flood are amazing. Director scaled city roofs to rescue obj

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@mpedson @archivesnext citizens rescuing mss from burning library Serajevo. Video mudt be somewhere on youtube?
Sarajevo Library.jpg

Some three million books and countless artifacts were destroyed when Sarajevo's National Library was burned to the ground 20 years ago. It was a clear attack on the cultural identity of a people.

"I rushed to the library to help rescue the treasures, but we only partly managed to do that," remembered Dubravko Lovrenovic, a historian and the culture minister of the district of Sarajevo. "Today, 20 years later, Bosnia-Herzegovina is no longer what it was at that time. With the destruction of the National Library, the country and the city lost an important part of their cultural identity."

It happened in the night from August 25 to 26, 1992. Bosnia-Herzegovina was in the middle of war and the capital city of Sarajevo was under siege by Bosnian Serbs under the command of Radovan Karadzic and General Ratko Mladic, who were later charged with war crimes.

After World War II, the building was turned into a national and university library. Journalist Mirela Hukovic-Hodzic studied philosophy in Sarajevo and read the works of Aristotle, Hegel and Kant in the library. She vividly remembers the day it was destroyed.

"The war was going on before and that was terrible," she said, "but when I saw vijecnica burning, I was so shocked that I was speechless."
It was in that moment that she understood why the war had started: "To tear forever the threads that link us, and to erase any traces of the life different people and cultures had shared together.
Bosnian theater director Gradimir Gojer calls the destruction of the library a triumph of barbarism and the death of the cohabitation of Muslims, Orthodox, Catholics and Jews that had existed for centuries in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

"Destroying the proof of coexistence is an attempt to destroy the civilizing code of a multi-ethnic state," said Gojer.

"People tried to destroy the matrix of coexistence," said Gojer, "But that was only temporarily successful because our history wasn't just written down in documents, but also lives in the people who live here."

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@arkland_swe @mpedson We got 4 million DKK to digitize the entire archive afterwards... Ongoing right now. Big things coming up :-)

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@arkland_swe @mpedson Yeah. Check up on the fire at our resistance museum. …

From the link:
"April 28, 2013 9:13 AM - - COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — A fire blazed through The Museum of Danish Resistance in Copenhagen on Sunday, destroying large parts of the building but most of the collection was saved, museum officials said.
No one was injured in the fire and firefighters and staff who rushed to the scene in central Copenhagen managed to save the majority of display items, museum spokesman Henrik Schilling said."

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MT "@mpedson looking for stories about citizens fighting fires at museums/libraries/archives. (For an essay...)" Resistance Museum?

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@mpedson The collaps of the archive in Cologne(?) recently?

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From the link:

"05/01/2012 vanessa araujo | Caboalles
A fire burns the library and part of the roof space to the home of pensioner
The fire, which caused no personal injury, could be caused by a fault in the heating pump. Part of the damage caused by the fire.Part of the damage caused by the fire.
The home of the pensioner's Chaniecha lacianiega Caboalles hamlet of Down suffered a fire yesterday, and burned part of their facilities.
The fire started accidentally between 13.00 and 13.30 hours, probably due to problems with the heating pump. Anyway, will have to await the outcome of the technical reports to determine the actual source of the flames.
The fire caused it to burn part of the library located on the property and the roof space and some minor damage to the roof. Fortunately there were no injuries to, and by the time the amount is unknown any defect amounting to smother the fire services attended lacianiego municipal council, which quickly made themselves at the fire scene to perform the work of extinction.
For now, is expected to go to not close the cafe area home of pensioner, as it has not been affected by the fire, while the area of ​​the library will be closed to the public while carrying out tasks necessary for repair and refurbishment.
This home is managed by the City of Villablino, although the building belongs to the Gate Foundation Alvarez.
Solidarity with the Villar family. few months ago, a family home in the hamlet lacianiega Villar de Santiago stay due to the fire that burned in the fire started and from there was distributed throughout the house. Fortunately, the four people who were in the house were not harmed.
Because of this fire, this family has lost their home and their belongings so the bank Caja Spain continues to open an account for those wishing to work with any monetary amount."
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@ToniiSala @CarmeFenoll @mpedson gràcies Toni ! Michael, if you need some translation work ping be ! …
From the link (translated by Google Translate):
THE RESCUE OF Catalan libraries DURING THE CIVIL WAR: THE "NOTES" Jordi RUBIÓ Anna G UDAYOL Library of Catalonia INTRODUCTION The military uprising of July 1936, which had upset rennet history country and the lives of those who lived in it, was also very strong impact on the historical and cultural heritage. The riots that followed where the failed revolt threatened directly integrity of cultural property, particularly around the church and preserved bourgeoisie. The extreme uncertainty in which they lived led to the then Minister of cul- ture, Ventura Gassol create, in the days that followed the uprising, a Commission of the Patri- Artistic heritage, historical and scientific (PAHC), divided into five sections (Archives, Libraries, Museums, monuments, excavations), which were coordinated to carry out the rescue of property in danger of destruction.

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@ToniiSala @CarmeFenoll @mpedson gràcies Toni ! Michael, if you need some translation work ping be ! …

TwitterBirdSmall.gif**Toni Sala** ‏@ToniiSala Jul 3@CarmeFenoll @Kippelboy @mpedson @rober_tosoto Aquí n'hi ha alguna: …
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@CarmeFenoll @mpedson @rober_tosoto great! Michael: link with press and pics … (Google translate it from ES)
From the link (translated by Google Translate):
A. Cubillas / @ And_Cubillas 25/01/2014

A fire caused serious damage to ground floor of the library of Sahagun

Fire 'leaves home to firefighters and forcing Leon desaplazarse three provisions of the Deputation of Palencia, demonstrating the lack of county parks.
A fire in the Municipal Library of Sahagun in Saturday morning has 'left at home' Leon firefighters and forced firefighters to intervene the Palencia locations Saldana Villada and Paredes de Nava, Provincial Council Palencia.

This situation has again highlight the lack on fire having the only province that has parks León and Ponferrada, in a province in which the distance between locations recently useful in many occasions Fire exits.
The fire occurred just after 11:19 pm when a music teacher who was teaching a class on the top floor of the library alerted the local police alerted by Sahagún intense cloud of smoke from the bottom.

TwitterBirdSmall.gif**Carme Fenoll** ‏@CarmeFenoll Jul 3@Kippelboy @mpedson L'únic incendi de biblio que em ve al cap va ser a Sahagún (León). En @rober_tosoto potser el podrà ajudar. SOS de gent?
TwitterBirdSmall.gif**Kippelboy** ‏@Kippelboy Jul 3Coneixeu històries de ciutadans salvant incendis a biblioteques, arxius o museus catalans? En @mpedson està fent una recercaTwitterBirdSmall.gif**Gena Chattin** ‏@mllegena Jul 3
@mpedson Not sure if this is what you're looking for … (Volunteers, mostly after the fact, gathering to clean, restore)

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@mpedson [...] You saw examples in Iraq, I believe, of citizens rushing to stop fires & other attemps by Mukhabarat to destroy facilities

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@mpedson [...] because in these states citizens truly, viscerally, appreciate the importance of records for accountability + healing [...]

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@mpedson Counterpoint: citizens of collapsing totalitarian states often make huge efforts to save records of crumbling regimes [...]

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@mpedson Actual--not metaphorical--fires? Alice Eastwood rescued botanical type specimens after 1906 quake & fire

On April 18, 1906, a massive earthquake struck the region, followed quickly by fires that burned for three days and ravaged the city. Over 500 city blocks were consumed and over 28,000 area buildings were destroyed, including the California Academy of Sciences. Following the quake, Eastwood and a small group of Academy staff and curators convened to save whatever they could from the coming fire. Since the type specimens were housed together, separate from the rest of the Herbarium, Eastwood was able to save 1497 irreplaceable botanical types while the rest of the collections were lost. She worked tirelessly over the subsequent days, moving the specimens around the city to keep them safe, protecting them while her own home and possessions were lost in the blaze.

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@mpedson the 1989 fire at Uppark?

On 30 August 1989 the building was devastated by a fire caused by a workman's blowtorch whilst repairing lead flashing on the roof, just two days before the work was due to be completed. The fire broke out during opening hours. Many works of art and pieces of furniture were carried out of the burning building by members of the Meade-Fetherstonehaugh family, National Trust staff and members of the public. Although the garret and first floors collapsed onto the lower floors and the garret and first floor contents were lost completely, the floors largely fell clear of the ground floor walls and much of the panelling and decoration survived. Much of the contents of the ground floor was crushed but not burned; metalwork was able to be straightened and cleaned, crystal chandeliers were able to be reassembled, and even the elaborate tassels on the chandelier ropes were able to be conserved. The decision to restore the house came after it was determined that restoration would be a cheaper insurance settlement than complete payout for a total loss.

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@Acuity_Design @mpedson …

The Scotsman

26 May 2014 by by ALISTAIR MUNRO

Glasgow School of Art fire crews’ bravery revealed

Burned library symbolizes multiethnic Sarajevo

Firefighters have revealed the remarkable lengths they went to in a bid to save the historic Glasgow School of Art from a devastating blaze.

As staff continued to clear works of art from the ash and rubble from the fire-ravaged Mackintosh Building, more details about the battle to preserve the iconic have come to light.

More than 100 firefighters practically formed a human shield on each floor of the A-listed building as the inferno took hold.

Senior officers at Cowcaddens Fire Station described how they initially began to search for two people reported missing.

Once it was discovered they were safe, a massive operation to stop the blaze from spreading was mounted.

Assistant Chief Fire Officer David Goodhew said: “It is always difficult fighting a fire in a Grade 1-listed buildings as the priority is always to try and preserve the structure.

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@mpedson Glasgow School of Art fire lately : not so much fire fighting as help storing artefacts