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I'm interested in the future, I love strategy, and I love helping GLAMs (galleries, libraries, archives, and museums) to succeed.

I'm the Associate Director/Head of Digital at the newly forming United Nations Live, Museum for Humanity.
(More info/background about my move to UN Live here.)

I'm a Distinguished Presidential Fellow at the Council on Library and Information Services (USA), and a member of the Open GLAM advisory board at the Open Knowledge Foundation.

I'm the instigator of the Openlab Workshop.

Until very recently I was the Director of Web and New Media Strategy at the Smithsonian Institution.
I'm writing a book about scope, scale, and speed called The Age of Scale.

Twitter: @mpedson

email: usingdata [at] gmail [dot] com
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Recent Work

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Video's/interviews about Web & New Media strategy


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Some stuff I've done recently


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Michael Edson is a strategist and thought leader at the forefront of digital transformation in the cultural sector. Michael served as the Smithsonian Institution's first Director of Web and New Media Strategy and he is currently the Associate Director and Head of Digital for the United Nations Live—Museum for Humanity, a new institution being envisioned for Copenhagen, Denmark and other locations throughout the world. Michael is a Presidential Distinguished Fellow at the Council for Libraries and Information Resources (USA); he serves on the Open Knowledge Foundation’s OpenGLAM (Gallery, Library, Archive, and Museum) advisory board; and he is the founder of the Openlab Workshop initiative, a solutions lab, convener, and consultancy designed to accelerate the speed and impact of transformational change in the GLAM sector. Michael is an O'Reilly Foo Camp alumni and he was named a "Tech Titan: person to watch" by Washingtonian magazine.

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